Anti – Aging

These modern, high tech treatments have been very well received by people looking fornon-surgical ways to smooth away fine lines, wrinkles, eliminate sunspots, age spots, acne scars, and to tone and lift their skin.

Anti-aging treatment is a process. Best results are achieved and maintained when done in a series of sessions. We offer savings on series of treatments.

MICRODERMABRASION $130 per session. Series of 5 sessions $580.

Microdermabrasion removes superficial dead skin cells, allowing healthier skin cells to surface and result in smoother texture and tighter skin. Your skin is then soothed with hydrating and calming serums and lotions.
Microdermabrasion is great for smoothing fine lines, reducing and eliminating acne scars, age spots and sun spots, while preventing the formation of blackheads.

TONE-N-LIFT $160, and series of 6 sessions for $875.

Our amazing non-surgical facial machine uses micro-current to tone and firm the skin together with potent, powerful anti-aging serums and products to complete the treatment process. The session is very relaxing, with massage and tightening,mask getting your skin looking toned and firm.


This treatment uses fruit acids which are beneficial in removing dead skin cells and improving your skin texture, color. It also helps reduce clogged pores revealing a smoother skin . Our facial treatment is so gentle that your skin looks great immediately after. Ideal for a lunch break pick me up!